lørdag, april 19, 2008

Qasida Mudariyya

O Allah, Send blessings upon the Chosen One al-Mukhtar from the tribe of Mudar and upon the messengers and all the prophets that have been previously mentioned.

And send blessings, O my Lord, upon the Guide and his followers,
and upon his companions who spread to maintain the religion.

They fought with him, and strove for Allah,
migrated and sheltered him and were thus victorious.

Imam Sharaf al-Din Muhammad ibn Hassan al-Busairi

Tasliya Ibn 'Arabi

May Allah's salvation be with Muhammad,
Whose (real) state is not known to us.

Ibn 'Arabi

torsdag, marts 20, 2008

You, when you were born, the earth was lit
And with your light so was the sky

Profetens onkel, Sayyiduna 'Abbas

Kilde: Ghulam-e-Mustafa

Kærlighed og Respekt for den Oplyste By

Imām ash-Shāfi'ī sagde:

Jeg bemærkede nogle heste fra Khorosan uden for Maliks [Ibn Anas] dør. Jeg har aldrig set andre heste der var bedre end dem. Jeg sagde til Malik, "Hvor er de smukke!" Han sagde, "Disse er en gave fra mig til dig." Jeg sagde, "Behold en for dig selv for ridning." Han sagde, "Jeg vil være skamfuld foran Allah over at træde med et dyrs hove på den jord hvor Hans Sendebud (Allāhs fred og velsignelser være med ham) ligger." (Ihya 'Ulum id-Din, bind 1, kapitel 1)

Imam Malik (Allah være ham Nådig) er blot ét eksempel ud af utallige fra de tidligste generationer af folk med en sand og oprigtig kærlighed til Allahs Sendebud (Allāhs fred og velsignelser være med ham). Dette er hvad en af de mest væsentlig ting der mangler blandt muslimer i dag; en oprigtig kærlighed til Allah (Den Ophøjede) og Hans Sendebud (Allāhs fred og velsignelser være med ham). [Fundet via Muwatta]

Imam al-Qadi 'Iyad al-Maliki ('alayhi al-Rahma) skrev i sit mesterværk, al-Shifa:

»There is no difference of opinion (la khilaf) in that the grave of the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) is the most virtuous land on earth.« (al-Shifa’ bi ta’rif huquq al-Mustafa, side 595)

Og må Allahs fred og velsignelser være med vor Mester Profeten Muhammad, hans noble familie og ædle ledsagere.

Kilde: Ghulam-e-Mustafa
wa shaqqa lahu min ismihi liyujillahu
fa dhul-'arshi Mahmūdun wa hādhā Muhammadu

And He drew out for him [a name]
from His own Name so as to dignify him greatly:

The Owner of the Throne is the Glorious [Mahmūd],
and this is the Praiseworthy [Muhammad]!

Profetens ledsager, Hassan ibn Thabit

Kilde: Ghulam-e-Mustafa

tirsdag, august 28, 2007

Āl al-Bait

Min familie er som Noahs ark. Den, som går ombord på den vil blive reddet. Og den som vender sig væk fra den vil gå til grunde.

Hadith Sharif

Foto: © Sheila Sakhi, 2007.

Sayyida Zaynabs maqam, Profetens barnebarn [Allahs fred og velsignelser være med Profeten og hans velsignede familie], Damaskus, Syrien.

Ahl al-Bayt: Profetens Velsignede og Noble Familie

Āl al-Bait

mandag, april 30, 2007

Profetens Velsignede Urin

An outstanding scholar, mystic and exegete, Isma'il Haqqi al-Barusi says in his exegesis of the Qur'an entitled, 'Ruwh al-Bayan', 'His noble hair is from the vegetation of Jannah, His saliva is from the honey of Jannah and His Urine, as some hukama say, is from the water of Jannah.'

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torsdag, marts 29, 2007

Den Velsignede Mawlid

The Blessed Mawlid
Imam Zaid Shakir

One of the most blessed events in the history of humanity was the birth of the beloved Prophet Muhammad on the 12th of Rabi’ al-Awwal. The gravity of this day is associated with the magnitude of the one born during it. The following narration should suffice in conveying the magnitude of the Prophet. As related by ‘Irbad b. al-Sariyah al-Sulam, may God be pleased with him, the Prophet said,

"I was ordained by God, in the Preserved Tablet, to be the seal of the prophets, at a time when Adam was still lifeless clay. I am the answer to the prayer of Abraham. I am the glad tiding that Jesus, peace be upon him, gave to his people. I am the fulfillment of the vision of my mother when she witnessed a light emerging from her [at the time of my birth], which illuminated the palaces of Syria. The mothers of all of the prophets witnessed a similar vision..."

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tirsdag, marts 27, 2007

Round you the universe rotates,
From you I beg a kindly glance.

My knowledge, thought meditation are you,
My boat, ocean and storm are you.

The shrine of your street is my refuge,
hopefully have I run unto you.

Ah! The agony of my body and soul,
A glance of yours is the sovereign remedy.

Like Busiri I beg deliverance from you,
That the day that was may never return again.

Your mercy on the sinners is greater,
In forgiveness it is like mother's love.

'Allama Muhammad Iqbal

mandag, marts 26, 2007

Forårets Gave

Spring's Gift
By Hamza Yusuf

I envy the sand that met his feet

I’m jealous of honey he tasted sweet

Of birds that hovered above his head

Of spiders who spun their sacred web

To save him from his enemies

I envy clouds formed from the seas

That gave him cover from the heat

Of a sun whose light could not compete

With his, whose face did shine so bright

That all was clear in blinding night

I envy sightless trees that gazed

Upon his form completely dazed

Not knowing if the sun had risen

But felt themselves in unison

With those who prayed, and fasted too

Simply because he told them to

With truth and kindness, charity

From God who gave such clarity

His mercy comes in one He sent

To mold our hearts more heaven bent

I envy all there at his side

Who watched the turning of the tide

As truth prevailed and falsehood fled

And hope restored life to the dead

Men and Women through him found grace

To seek together God’s noble face

I envy the cup that gave him drink

His thoughts that helped us all to think

To be one thought that passed his mind

Inspiring him to act so kind

For me this world is not one jot

If I could simply be a thought

From him to God throughout the ages

As revelation came in stages

I pity all who think it odd

To hear him say there is one God

Or he was sent by God to men

To hone their spirits’ acumen

It’s pride that blinds us from the sight

That helps good men to see his light

He taught us all to be God’s slaves

And he will be the one who saves

Humanity from sinful pride

Muhammad has God on his side

So on this day be blessed and sing

For he was born to grace our Spring

With lilies, flowers, life’s rebirth

In a dome of green like his on earth